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Jan 19, 2013 7:00am EST
us who are in this elected or appointed positions must put the interests of those who we serve, we are privileged to serve, above that which might be politically expedient or professionally safe. this is one of those times. by acting within existing authorities to improve our enforcement capacity for laws that are already on the books, by enacting common sense legislation to strengthen our ability to stop guns from falling into the wrong hands and to stem the proliferation of military-style weapons and high capacity magazines, i'm not only confident that we can and that we will make significant strides in reducing the violence that too often fills our headlines and afflicts our communities. this administration is determined to take our gun violence prevention efforts to a new level, and we're eager to work with leaders like you in advancing the conversation about how we can put an end to these crimes and secure a brighter future around all those who we are privileged to serve. now, to this end in addition to implementing the orders and advocating for the legislative actions that th
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1